Why your Twitter timeline sucks and what you can do about it ?

A brief history of timelines

Let’s just say it out loud, your timeline sucks. You opened Twitter probably more than a thousand times in past years and every time you did, you saw that little box with name “suggested to follow” on it and you clicked the follow button a zillion times. And today your timeline is a mess. It contains feed from politics to sports to entertainment and of course, the “promoted” content from Twitter. 

For instance, look at some sample tweets. It covers Tweets from variety of topics – Deals, sports, and news. Unlike Reddit(where sub-reddits are spot-on topic) or a Facebook group, there’s no relevance between two posts.

What if you were a little more organised. What if you had different timelines for each of your interests? Imagine an interface where you don’t have to follow a gazillion accounts to see what they are talking about all in one timeline.

What did Twitter do about it?

Well Twitter developers came up with a solution years ago – sort of. They launched lists. Amazing feature where you can add accounts to different lists and have separate timelines. Beautiful, right? But they buried it, deep inside. And it was difficult for users to create lists. 

Let’s take a look at it. Imagine you are into politics in a country like US(duh?) and you want to dedicate a timeline just to politicians tweets (da*n, imagine the filth). 

Step1: You create a list with a name, description and make it public (so other people can subscribe to it)  – easy peasy

Step2: You started adding accounts now. You have about hundred accounts top of your mind. You started searching and adding, 5,10, 15, 20……and you tell yourself…. screw it, I’m done. 

Then you start searching if anyone else has made such a list. But how? Sometime back Twitter had a feature with “timelines” after you search for a keyword, which seems to be missing currently. In the official lists support page, Twitter asks you to do the following if you need to search lists: 

  1. Click or tap Lists when viewing someone’s profile.
  2. Select which List you’d like to subscribe to.
  3. From the List page, click or tap Subscribe to follow the List. You can follow Lists without following the individual accounts in that List.

Wait a min…Is it not possible to search lists on Twitter?


Is Twitter serious? To find lists, do I need to visit everyone’s profile and browse through lists? Is it possible, may be an official Twitter bot will help? (sic)

Now let’s cut to the chase. This is 2019, there must be a better way to do this. May be with app, may be with a click, may be with a single click. 

Yup. We created HitLyst for the same reason.. We curated every verified Twitter account into categories and placed them in countries the account belongs to. Yes, that’s about 250,000 verified accounts curated and about 30,000 lists created. Icing on the cake – we created list by follower count of the verified account – meaning, you get top 10 most followed pop stars, top 100 politicians, top 100 NFL stars etc etc 

Just Browse or Search for a list, add to your home screen and tada!! That’s it. View the timeline.

It’s also synced to your Twitter account, ad-free. No ads on your list timelines or in-app. 

It also means you have technically “not followed” any accounts in the list. Meaning – you don’t get Tweets from those 100 NFL stars on your actual timeline. 

So, that’s all this app does? Well, just like lists we observed few other challenges like trends and following hashtag ain’t that easy as well. So played around with trends as well.

And lastly, few other features like – curated news & popular timelines right from home screen.

Available on iOS for pre-order until 19 Dec 2019, we hope to make your Twitter experience more enjoyable and relevant. 

Pre-order link on AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hitlyst-for-twitter/id1486082689


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